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How is stalking defined under California's domestic violence law?

The feeling that one is being followed or watched is a disheartening and disturbing sensation. It can make a person feel, at best, uneasy as they go about the business of their day or, at worst, in fear of their safety as they manage their everyday responsibilities. In California, a broad range of behaviors may be considered stalking and when stalking is properly alleged victims may seek protections under the criminal and domestic violence laws of the state.

Now is the time to end domestic violence in your life

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can cause people to act in unexpected ways, such as to subdue them into compliance or to acquiesce to unreasonable situations. California victims of domestic violence understand the power of fear all too well: fear is a common tool that domestic violence aggressors use against those they seek to control.

Can threats be enough for a domestic violence charge?

Readers of this post who are afraid for their safety or the safety of their dependents due to the actions of a domestic partner are encouraged to seek legal guidance and help. In California, an aggressor may commit domestic violence if they make threats or promises to their victims that the aggressor will cause them physical harm.

California restraining orders can be renewed

Victims of domestic violence endure hardships and pain that others often do not see. They may feel that they have few options when their lives are controlled by their abusers, and those who do seek help, overcoming their abusers, may only find relief when they are able to secure restraining orders against them. However, some readers of this Southern California family law blog may not know that many restraining orders are not permanent.

What is domestic battery?

Anyone, including those in the public eye, could face criminal allegations. Recently, television actor Heather Locklear was arrested on suspicion of committing domestic battery against her boyfriend at their California home. Although Locklear posted bail and information on this story is sparse, readers may be left with questions regarding how the state defines battery in the context of domestic violence.

Firearms and domestic violence: A review of the law

Domestic abuse is more than physical abuse. A California victim of this devastating form of harm may suffer psychological and emotional harm as a result of the attacks they are subjected to by a member of their households. An abuser on their own may be able to cause a significant amount of harm in the life of their victim; an abuser with a gun is a potentially deadly threat to those who must live with them.

End of a relationship may not mean the end of domestic violence

Several months ago, this family law blog discussed the applicability of California's domestic violence statute to ex-spouses. A person who was formerly married to their abuser has rights under this law. This post will expand on that topic to discuss two other ways that former partners may be protected from domestic violence.

I suffer from emotional abuse. Do I have rights as a victim?

It is a common misconception that abuse between intimate partners must be physical. This myth has been perpetuated by entertainment programs that portray victims, often women, suffering from black eyes and broken bones due to the harm inflicted by their husbands and boyfriends. While physical abuse of this nature is domestic violence, so too are the types of abuse that others in California may never see.

Actress accused of domestic violence after striking her husband

Although readers of this Seal Beach family law blog may assume that all domestic violence abusers are men, this is not true. Women also commit violence against the individuals that they share relationships with and can be responsible for inflicting mental and physical pain upon those that they are close to. Over the Thanksgiving holiday a television actress was arrested for allegedly hitting her husband of two years.

Stalking is a damaging form of domestic violence

From time to time a celebrity news source may report on an incident of stalking that occurred between a media personality and a fan. These forms of stalking are often criminal in nature, and individuals who commit them can be prosecuted in the criminal courts of California. However, there is a second form of stalking that is equally deserving of attention and just as damaging as those that occur between delusional individuals and their objects of fixation: domestic violence stalking.

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