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How long do I have to pay alimony?

Filing for divorce means making major life decisions. Many of these incorporate a spouse's finances and whether they are able to maintain their standard of living post-divorce. Because of that, spouses often request financial support during the divorce process. The amount of time that a Californian will have to provide their former spouse with alimony will depend on the type of alimony that their court awards and a number of factors that are relevant to their particular divorce case.

How long will it take for my divorce to be finalized?

Because every divorce that is filed in the courts of California is based on different facts and involves different litigants, it is impossible to say how long a case will take to reach finalization. However, there are certain requirements that all individuals must meet in order to have their divorce cases reviewed and approved by the courts.

Are divorced parties ever awarded alimony by California courts?

Alimony is the payment of money from one former spouse to the other after a divorce. Also known as spousal support, alimony can provide an individual with financial support that can enable them to get their post-divorce life on track. Depending upon a number of factors, the amount and duration of alimony payments that a person will receive can vary greatly.

What are the requirements for a summary dissolution of marriage?

In California many divorces follow a somewhat predictable path. The parties to the divorce find legal representatives who may help them advocate for their interests and present their cases in a court of law. A judge may make determinations on how the couple's property will be divided, children will be cared for, and support will be paid. When all relevant issues are finalized the couple may break into two single individuals.

Understand your property rights during a California divorce

When two Seal Beach residents end their marriage, they have to come to terms with the fact that their property must be divided. In California, property may be classified as community property or separate property, and each type of property is subject to its own rules of distribution. While separate property remains the property of the individual owner, community property must be divided equitably among the divorcing parties.

Do I have to allege fault for a California divorce?

Once upon a time in jurisdictions throughout the United States an individual had to allege and prove a "fault" basis so that they could secure a divorce from their spouse. Fault grounds included, but were not limited to, allegations of adultery, desertion, incarceration, insanity, cruelty and impotency.

What to know about Facebook when facing divorce

Social media finds new ways to impact our lives every day. While platforms like Facebook help us stay in touch with our loved ones, it can also hurt when a family is in a crisis such as divorce. Men and women who are going through a divorce should be aware of negative personal behavior on social media that could adversely affect a case.

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