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Many things are on the minds of California couples divorcing. While they might be focused on their post-divorce life and how it will allow them to be in a better situation, spouses will need to focus on the matter at hand. When children are involved in a divorce, this means developing a custody order that works for both parents. However, because neither parent wants to lose time with their child, it is likely that this issue will present various disputes.

Options for physical custody and visitation after a divorce

One of the most challenging aspects of ending a marriage for a California parents is coming to grips with the fact that they may not get to see their child each and every day. If the divorcing parties share children then they will, as a part of their legal proceedings, have to decide where the child will live and how they will divide the child's time between their households. When parents cannot work these details out, the courts will intervene and seek to protect the best interests of the children through court-provided orders. But in many cases, parents are the best judges of how their children's physical needs should be met.

Make your child's needs a legal priority in 2018

Recently, this Seal Beach-based family law blog focused on parenting time interference. This situation is a serious matter that hinders the relationship between a child and one of their parents due to the conduct of the child's other parent. A parent who interferes with the bond between their child and their former partner may do so through ignoring a custodial schedule that they share with their ex or going out of their way to make it difficult for their ex to be with their shared child.

Recognize the signs of parenting time interference

Child custody arrangements can be difficult legal matters for parents. In most cases a parent must part with their child for some amount of time, whether they share their child's physical custody with their former partner or if their former partner has visitation time with the child. The absence of their children from their lives can be difficult for Seal Beach parents to accept.

The best interests of the child in a custody dispute

California parents want what is best for their child, and often they are the individuals who are best suited to make decisions about their child's upbringing. When parents agree about how to raise their kids and prioritize the influences that come into their lives then the process of protecting the children's best interests can be rather straightforward. However, when a couple separates or divorces and finds it difficult to meet on common ground for their kids, protecting the child's best interests can be more challenging.

We assist clients when child custody disputes arise

Having children is a highlight of most California parents' lives. A new baby is a new opportunity for love and commitment to enter into a person's existence, and the experience can be especially enjoyable when the event is shared with a loving partner or co-parent. However, it is not uncommon for parents to end their marriages or split from their partners and render their children the offspring of parents who no longer want to be together.

Certain factors carry significant weight in child custody cases

During family law proceedings, a California court may be required to decide where a child should reside and which of their parents should have custody of them. While in some cases courts determine that the children will benefit from the joint physical custodianship of both of their parents, in other cases courts must choose between the children's parents based on the best information they can gather. This post will touch on a few of the factors courts may evaluate when deciding physical custody matters.

Grandparents' rights to visitation with their grandchildren

When problems arise between the parents of California children, the issues related to their strife can affect relationships throughout the families. Most obviously the children can suffer when their parents struggle to remain civil. In addition, other relationships, such as those between the parents, the kids and their extended family members can also endure damage when marriages break down.

What is legal custody and can it be shared jointly in California?

There are two forms of child custody that California parents must address when they choose to end their marital relationship through divorce. The first is physical custody. This form of child custody involves where the child will reside and if the child will have visitation time with the parent who does not have physical custody of them. The second type of child custody is legal custody. This form of child custody is often shared between divorced parents, so that each may have an active voice in the decision-making processes of raising their child.

Child custody battle impacts tennis player's ability to compete

The early months of a new baby's life are often wrought with joy, fear and exhaustion for the child's parents. California residents who have experienced the joy of bringing a new child home either through childbirth or adoption can understand how stressful and wonderful the experience of growing one's family can be. While most new parents weather the rough stretches of their new child's life no worse for wear, others suffer irreparable damage to their relationships and lives that can result in significant family law dilemmas.

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