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How social media can affect your divorce

You may regularly share the most intimate details of your life on social media. It gives you a sense of empowerment and allows you to keep in touch with your friends and relatives in Los Angeles and Orange Counties while you are on the go. Now that your relationship with your spouse is coming to an end, you have no problem with posting about it online. 

Social media and divorce: Just say no

No one thinks that going through a divorce is easy. Dreams and expectations about your life and your future are suddenly shattered--and healing from that takes time, energy and a commitment to do so. It’s not surprising, too, that some wounds never heal, we just learn to live with them.

Use technology carefully as you divorce

You enjoy using technology. You have different social media sites that you visit regularly. You like to text and email. You like the way you can stay connected with friends and family. You get to see pictures and updates in an instant. You follow accounts that give you mom-tips. With just one click, you can find fun workout routines, what’s happening at the farmer’s market and the latest information from around town. You stay connected with your neighborhood email group. You even have several group messages that stay live in your text-history.

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