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Can threats be enough for a domestic violence charge?

Readers of this post who are afraid for their safety or the safety of their dependents due to the actions of a domestic partner are encouraged to seek legal guidance and help. In California, an aggressor may commit domestic violence if they make threats or promises to their victims that the aggressor will cause them physical harm.

Maintaining legal custody after a split

Ask a California parent who has gone through a divorce or separation from their spouse or partner about the most stressful part of their uncoupling, and they may likely respond about protecting their kids from hurt and harm. Parents often worry that their children will be upset, damaged or otherwise affected by their relationship changes, but there are important steps parents can take to minimize the impact of divorce or separation on their kids. Those steps include remaining advocates for their children despite their marital dissolutions through the maintenance of their legal custody rights.

Best interests of the child is an important custody consideration

California parents may often take note of just how different their kids are from those of others, and parents who have more than one child may even notice these variations between their own offspring. From an early age, children define themselves in particular ways and may have very different paths to approaching life. Though all children have the same basic requirements in terms of food, shelter and other necessary provisions, each may have different individual needs that they necessitate in order to thrive.

Channing Tatum and wife announce separation

Whether it is an average couple or a celebrity couple, the reality is that issues, disputes and problems can enter into a marriage. This can strain the relationship, causing it to end the marriage. However, when celebrity couples decide to call it quits, the public eye could make an already difficult time more challenging.

A protective order can be sought for many reasons in CA

When you decide it is time to leave an abusive relationship, you may wonder if you need to take steps to protect yourself and your children. You might have heard that you cannot seek protection if the abuse was not physical. Spousal abuse takes many forms, and you may be encouraged to learn that you can seek an order of protection for reasons other than bodily harm in California.

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