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November 2017 Archives

Actress accused of domestic violence after striking her husband

Although readers of this Seal Beach family law blog may assume that all domestic violence abusers are men, this is not true. Women also commit violence against the individuals that they share relationships with and can be responsible for inflicting mental and physical pain upon those that they are close to. Over the Thanksgiving holiday a television actress was arrested for allegedly hitting her husband of two years.

We assist clients when child custody disputes arise

Having children is a highlight of most California parents' lives. A new baby is a new opportunity for love and commitment to enter into a person's existence, and the experience can be especially enjoyable when the event is shared with a loving partner or co-parent. However, it is not uncommon for parents to end their marriages or split from their partners and render their children the offspring of parents who no longer want to be together.

How long will it take for my divorce to be finalized?

Because every divorce that is filed in the courts of California is based on different facts and involves different litigants, it is impossible to say how long a case will take to reach finalization. However, there are certain requirements that all individuals must meet in order to have their divorce cases reviewed and approved by the courts.

Stalking is a damaging form of domestic violence

From time to time a celebrity news source may report on an incident of stalking that occurred between a media personality and a fan. These forms of stalking are often criminal in nature, and individuals who commit them can be prosecuted in the criminal courts of California. However, there is a second form of stalking that is equally deserving of attention and just as damaging as those that occur between delusional individuals and their objects of fixation: domestic violence stalking.

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