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September 2017 Archives

Do domestic violence protections extend to ex-spouses?

In the state of California the term "domestic violence" utilizes a broad definition and covers a variety of different personal relationships. Claims of domestic violence can include allegations that one party attempted to physically harm another, that an aggressor sexually abused their domestic violence victim and that an aggressor used intimidation to make their victim fear for their safety.

Grandparents' rights to visitation with their grandchildren

When problems arise between the parents of California children, the issues related to their strife can affect relationships throughout the families. Most obviously the children can suffer when their parents struggle to remain civil. In addition, other relationships, such as those between the parents, the kids and their extended family members can also endure damage when marriages break down.

What is legal custody and can it be shared jointly in California?

There are two forms of child custody that California parents must address when they choose to end their marital relationship through divorce. The first is physical custody. This form of child custody involves where the child will reside and if the child will have visitation time with the parent who does not have physical custody of them. The second type of child custody is legal custody. This form of child custody is often shared between divorced parents, so that each may have an active voice in the decision-making processes of raising their child.

Understand your property rights during a California divorce

When two Seal Beach residents end their marriage, they have to come to terms with the fact that their property must be divided. In California, property may be classified as community property or separate property, and each type of property is subject to its own rules of distribution. While separate property remains the property of the individual owner, community property must be divided equitably among the divorcing parties.

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