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How long do I have to pay alimony?

Filing for divorce means making major life decisions. Many of these incorporate a spouse's finances and whether they are able to maintain their standard of living post-divorce. Because of that, spouses often request financial support during the divorce process. The amount of time that a Californian will have to provide their former spouse with alimony will depend on the type of alimony that their court awards and a number of factors that are relevant to their particular divorce case.

A person may be required to pay temporary alimony to their soon-to-be ex-spouse during their divorce proceedings, or they may have to pay alimony for the amount of time it takes their ex to be able to support him or herself after their divorce is completed. Alimony can be permanent if the conditions of the parties and the divorce warranted it, such as if the divorce occurs late in the parties' lives and the recipient has no means of entering the workforce or otherwise financially taking care of themselves.

End of a relationship may not mean the end of domestic violence

Several months ago, this family law blog discussed the applicability of California's domestic violence statute to ex-spouses. A person who was formerly married to their abuser has rights under this law. This post will expand on that topic to discuss two other ways that former partners may be protected from domestic violence.

First, individuals who suffer abuse at the hands of individuals they formerly lived with can seek protections under the state's domestic violence law. Second, people who were in relationships and share children may also use the domestic violence legislation to secure protective orders for themselves and their kids.

How social media can affect your divorce

You may regularly share the most intimate details of your life on social media. It gives you a sense of empowerment and allows you to keep in touch with your friends and relatives in Los Angeles and Orange Counties while you are on the go. Now that your relationship with your spouse is coming to an end, you have no problem with posting about it online. 

Whether you are using social media for support or as a place to vent your frustrations, you should be mindful of what you share. Your online activity can impact your divorce in ways you have not thought about and lead to unnecessary drama. Here is some information for you to consider before posting information about your separation online. 

Make your child's needs a legal priority in 2018

Recently, this Seal Beach-based family law blog focused on parenting time interference. This situation is a serious matter that hinders the relationship between a child and one of their parents due to the conduct of the child's other parent. A parent who interferes with the bond between their child and their former partner may do so through ignoring a custodial schedule that they share with their ex or going out of their way to make it difficult for their ex to be with their shared child.

A parent whose relationship with their child is affected by parenting time interference does not need to simply sit by as their time with their child deteriorates. Child custody orders and agreements generally contain built-in enforcement protocols that may impose legal sanctions on parents who interfere or otherwise fail to abide by the terms of the agreement or order. An interfering parent may face legal sanctions for taking adverse action against their ex and impact the best interests of their child.

Recognize the signs of parenting time interference

Child custody arrangements can be difficult legal matters for parents. In most cases a parent must part with their child for some amount of time, whether they share their child's physical custody with their former partner or if their former partner has visitation time with the child. The absence of their children from their lives can be difficult for Seal Beach parents to accept.

Though many families learn to live with the custodial plans that they or their family law courts set up for them, others struggle to work through the process of learning to co-parent and struggle to share parenting responsibilities. When a parent allows their frustrations to interfere with their child's relationship with their other parent, parenting time interference may be occurring.

I suffer from emotional abuse. Do I have rights as a victim?

It is a common misconception that abuse between intimate partners must be physical. This myth has been perpetuated by entertainment programs that portray victims, often women, suffering from black eyes and broken bones due to the harm inflicted by their husbands and boyfriends. While physical abuse of this nature is domestic violence, so too are the types of abuse that others in California may never see.

Emotional abuse is also considered an act of domestic violence. It can involve berating and threatening comments from a significant other to the victim that are intended to allow the abuser to control their victim. There may be no outward signs of abuse on the victim's body, but the harm that their abuser inflicts is just as real.

The best interests of the child in a custody dispute

California parents want what is best for their child, and often they are the individuals who are best suited to make decisions about their child's upbringing. When parents agree about how to raise their kids and prioritize the influences that come into their lives then the process of protecting the children's best interests can be rather straightforward. However, when a couple separates or divorces and finds it difficult to meet on common ground for their kids, protecting the child's best interests can be more challenging.

In a matter of child custody parents and the court must determine the best interests of the child before a resolution may be made. A court will not sign off on a child custody agreement that may be detrimental to a child. Once a custody matter makes it into the family court system, the rights of children and their legal protection become of the utmost importance.

Prenups: not just for the wealthy

Prenuptial agreements have grown in popularity over the years, but some individuals still have misconceptions. In the past, some people thought that a prenuptial agreement was only necessary for the wealthy, and some still subscribe to that mindset.

However, that is not the case. There are a few different types of individuals who may benefit from this type of marital agreement.

Actress accused of domestic violence after striking her husband

Although readers of this Seal Beach family law blog may assume that all domestic violence abusers are men, this is not true. Women also commit violence against the individuals that they share relationships with and can be responsible for inflicting mental and physical pain upon those that they are close to. Over the Thanksgiving holiday a television actress was arrested for allegedly hitting her husband of two years.

Actress Naya Rivera, known for her role on the television show "Glee," is accused of hitting her husband on the head and lip during a walk with their 2-year-old son. After law enforcement officials arrived on the scene of the alleged attack Rivera was arrested and taken into police custody. Rivera was able to pay her bond and gain release from jail.

We assist clients when child custody disputes arise

Having children is a highlight of most California parents' lives. A new baby is a new opportunity for love and commitment to enter into a person's existence, and the experience can be especially enjoyable when the event is shared with a loving partner or co-parent. However, it is not uncommon for parents to end their marriages or split from their partners and render their children the offspring of parents who no longer want to be together.

When parents split up children can find their lives turned upside down. After living their lives in a single household, they may now have to split their time between the parents' different residences. When their parents' split is acrimonious, the process can be even more difficult.

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