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California Restraining Orders Offer Broad Protection

A restraining order is a powerful tool to protect you from a controlling, abusive person. It can offer both personal, residential and financial protection.

Attorney Lisa Brandon at Brandon Law Group helps clients obtain domestic violence and civil harassment restraining orders. From our law office in Seal Beach, we represent clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties. Call 562-901-9800 for a free half-hour consultation.

California offers two types of restraining orders:

  • Domestic violence restraining orders for people who are married, live together or have children together
  • Civil harassment restraining orders for people who do not have a familial relationship with you, such as a neighbor, roommate, landlord or tenant

California's laws are broad with respect to restraining orders. You can obtain a restraining order for threats against your person or your pets, for property damage, for sexual misconduct and for child abuse. You can also obtain a domestic violence restraining order against a spouse who is financially controlling.

Here are just a few examples of what a restraining order can do:

  • Order another person to stay away from you, your home and your place of employment
  • Order another person not to contact you by phone, email or other forms of electronic communication
  • Give you the right to live in the perpetrator's house for a period of time without paying rent
  • Order your spouse to pay you support
  • Restrict parenting rights

In California, the cost of physical and financial abuse can be extremely high for the abuser.

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