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Stalking is a damaging form of domestic violence

From time to time a celebrity news source may report on an incident of stalking that occurred between a media personality and a fan. These forms of stalking are often criminal in nature, and individuals who commit them can be prosecuted in the criminal courts of California. However, there is a second form of stalking that is equally deserving of attention and just as damaging as those that occur between delusional individuals and their objects of fixation: domestic violence stalking.

Legal options are available for victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence is not always obvious. It can be difficult to spot in a California family's household, and it can be challenging to address when victims are afraid to take action against their abusers. Because domestic violence can take on many forms, identifying it as a problem in one's life can be even more challenging.

Do domestic violence protections extend to ex-spouses?

In the state of California the term "domestic violence" utilizes a broad definition and covers a variety of different personal relationships. Claims of domestic violence can include allegations that one party attempted to physically harm another, that an aggressor sexually abused their domestic violence victim and that an aggressor used intimidation to make their victim fear for their safety.

Abuse need not be physical to be domestic violence

When portrayed on television, victims of domestic violence often carry bruises and injuries on their bodies. These physical manifestations of harm are recognizable, and unfortunately many Californians suffer from these devastating injuries at the hands of family members. However, not all cases of domestic violence involve physical harm. Many victims of domestic violence suffer from abuse that others may never actually see.

The Brandon Law Group represents victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence plagues many households throughout California. It occurs between spouses, domestic partners, parents and their children, and across generations. It happens in the homes of the wealthy and of the poor. It does not discriminate and it is dangerous to those who suffer as its victims.

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